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Filippo Antonelli and his “Montefalco”

    When you think of Filippo Antonelli, you think of Montefalco. He is one of the most known producers; his family owns the property since 1881, and he was President of the Consortium for ten years from 1996 to 2006. Coming from 4 generations of lawyers (and one engineer!), Filippo is the first with a degree

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    Marchesi Alfieri – Family, nobility and barbera

      Vineyard, fog, castles…and unforgettable wines. Piedmont is the land where nobility, agriculture, and great winemaking always lived together. Since 1337, the Alfieri family‘s archives talk about “vineati a philari” (vineyards planted in rows): nowadays, the estate’s beautiful “sorì”, (sunny slopes in Piemontese dialect), planted with 70-year-old vines, are still producing grapes of the highest quality. A total of

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      Luigi Moio, the Professor of Quintodecimo

        As professor of oenology and olfactory sciences at the University of Naples, Luigi Moio is one of the foremost wine experts in Italy. He is author and co-author of about 200 scientific publications in the fields of chemistry and food technology. Since 1991, he has conducted research on the study of food aroma, based on the application

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        Corvezzo – Organic Prosecco for a healthy toast

          Terre di Marca is the new collection of organic proseccos, featuring an extra dry millesimato and an unfiltered frizzante. The extra dry millesimato follows the traditional Charmat method with the secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks while for the frizzante, the refermentation is in the bottle. The clear glass bottle used for the frizzante version

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          Ronco Severo – Stefano Novello and his skin-fermented wines

            A child balancing on the back of a chair is a clear message on Ronco Severo’s label: balance is the key for Stefano Novello who is not afraid to challenge himself, risking falling but enjoying the thrill. And he is certainly enjoying producing these wonderful  skin-fermented wines. Stefano Novello started on his winemaking journey in 1998. In 1968, before

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            Molino a Vento – Organic Wines from Sicily

              Molino a Vento has a new fresh collection. New image, new label, new bottle and screwcap closure! Easy to serve and easy to drink: the Sicilian winery Tenute Oriestiadi is becoming even more accessible for winelovers with this line of 5 monovarietal wines. The wines are young, lively and flavorful, proudly showing the best characteristics of each grape:

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              Cantine Rao

                Welcome to Caiatina Valley, not far from Caserta, the kingdom of Pallagrello! Pallagrello was the favorite wine of Ferdinando VI of Bourbon in the late 18th Century. Just few years later, Phylloxera arrived in the Italian vineyards blowing away all the indigenous grape varietals, Pallagrello included. This vigorous grape, both white and red, remained extinct

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                Ronco del Gelso

                  My wines are “secular” in style, far removed from any ideological claims. They are mealtime wines, designed to accompany food and good company. My wines are defined by my personal winemaking experience, knowledge of grape varieties and their behaviour in this region. Giorgio Badin started Ronco del Gelso in 1988 and even if the winery

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                  True Wine Connoisseurs

                    Sadat X and Will Tell share 2 big passions: music and wine. The first passion was always there, Sadat X with his rhythm and rhymes and Will Tell producing them. The second one started as a joke and became something as real and successful as their music. They called themselves True Wine Connoisseurs, started their own youtube

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