Cantine Rao

    Cantina Rao - Pallagrello Bianco and Nero

    Welcome to Caiatina Valley, not far from Caserta, the kingdom of Pallagrello!
    Pallagrello was the favorite wine of Ferdinando VI of Bourbon in the late 18th Century. Just few years later, Phylloxera arrived in the Italian vineyards blowing away all the indigenous grape varietals, Pallagrello included.

    This vigorous grape, both white and red, remained extinct for almost 200 years till the 90’s when some vines were recovered thanks to a careful selection of single or sporadic plants retrieved from abandoned vineyards in the territory. One of the protagonist of this beautiful story of love is Francesco Rao in his Podere Bell’Angelo.

    Francesco, a doctor for most part of his life, is now a passionate wine producer guided by passion and beauty. “Everything is done with careful attention in the vineyard management and in the vinification processes with the mission of creating wines that can be worthy enough to be shared with others. This is the greatest gift for me”- he explains.

    Francesco started by renovating the vine implants fifteen years ago. His first trials in the cellar dated back to 2007 and the first bottled vintage was SilvaNigra in 2008. Nowadays the estate, located about 200 meters above sea level in the village of Bucciano of Caiazzo, has a total of 7 hectares of land, of which 5 are vineyards. The Pallagrello grows at the heart of Mount Matese and at the foot of Mont Alifano.
    Other cultivated varietals are Aglianico, Fiano and Casvecchia.

    SilvaAura is a blend of Pallagrello Bianco (85%) and Fiano. In the cellar the fermentation is at controlled temperature in stainless stell tanks and the wine remains in contact with the lees for around 4 months before going in the bottle and resting for 2 additional months.
    SilvaAura is an enjoyable and fresh wine with a rich bouquet of exotic scents of grapefruits, pineapple, mango together with hawthorn and a subtle minerality. It’s perfect with aperitif and for fish recipes.

    SilvaNigra is a 100% Pallagrello nero. During its fermentation, in stainless stell tank, the must undergoes short and frequent pumping overs. The wine ages for 8 months in steel tanks and it refines in bottle for other 6 months.
    SilvaNigra is a royal and classy red wine, with intense blackcurrant aroma and plum integrated with mineral notes. The tannins are impressive but never overwhelming conferring structure and elegance. It is a meditation wine and it is preferably to decant it before drinking. It is ideal with red meats, game, truffles, mushrooms and mature cheese.