Corvezzo – Organic Prosecco for a healthy toast

    Corvezzo - Terre di Marca Prosecco

    Terre di Marca is the new collection of organic proseccos, featuring an extra dry millesimato and an unfiltered frizzante.
    The extra dry millesimato follows the traditional Charmat method with the secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks while for the frizzante, the refermentation is in the bottle. The clear glass bottle used for the frizzante version allows the sediment of the yeasts to be visible as the wine is not filtered.
    They are perfect as aperitif and throughout the whole meal. Intense notes of pear and green apple and fine nuances of acacia flowers are the fragrant scents that express the freshness of these wines and remind of the Venetian area where they are produced.

    Corvezzo winery - Family

    The Corvezzo family has  a long tradition in winemaking  starting from the great grandfather  who produced wine in the prestigious Villa Morosina in Motta di Livenza. Today Renzo Corvezzo, together with the children Giovanni and Katia, are the guardians of this precious legacy and they are working to navigate the new challenges of the present and of the future.

    To ensure a better world for generations to come, they decided to commit to environmental sustainability using eco-compatible materials for the winery premises and a photo-voltaic plant to supply energy.
    The total respect of nature translates into organic farming where the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, antibiotics and GMOs is strictly prohibited. The organic philosophy is so rooted into their lives that now Giovanni is writing his own blog called The Happy Farmer.

    the happy farmer-corvezzo organic prosecco

    Omniwines selected these Organic Proseccos to offer a healthy drinking experience. As Giovanni Corvezzo says in his blog “You don’t need someone to teach you what’s better. You know it.”