Damijan Podversic – Very limited quantity – Vintage 2011

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    Limited quantity is a must in quality wine production.
    Especially when the vines grow on steep terraces built by hand..
    Especially if you follow bio-dynamic viticultural practices..
    Especially if you are Damijan Podversic; one of the most compelling wine producers in Italy.

    Vintage 2011 from Damijan Podversic has arrived in New York.
    2011 was a very good year for wine production: spring was very warm and sunny, favoring an earlier flowering. In June there were warm days and cool nights, and some periods of heavy rain. This mix of wet conditions and good day-night temperature variation was perfect in the development of enhanced aromatic profiles, especially in the white wines. In early to mid-August, temperatures rose rapidly, promoting physiological maturation of the grapes and causing harvest to begin slightly earlier than usual in some areas. Conditions during picking were excellent—and very typical for the region—with lots of heat during the day and cooler temperatures at night.

    From the hills of Collio Goriziano, here some #Omnigems in very limited quantities; available now but they won’t last long.
    Here is our 2011 Damijan collection:

     Damijan Podversic kaplja KAPLJA
    IGT Venezia Giulia
    Chardonnay, Friulano, Malvasia Istriana
    With a period of 60-90 days of skin contact this wine amazes with his gold color, his honey-like aftertaste and an outstanding finish with sweet tannins.
     damijan podversic malvasia istriana
    IGT Venezia Giulia
    100% Malvasia Istriana
    The grape are harversted slightly late and they remain in a prolonged skin contact for 60-90 days.
    The wine is a great orange wine, gold in color and with intense aromas of candied fruit, toasted pine nut and dried apricot.
     damijan podversic ribolla gialla RIBOLLA GIALLA
    IGT Venezia Giulia
    100% Ribolla Gialla
    A signature wine from Venezia Giulia with a rich bouquet of yellow-fleshed fruit blossom but also mineral notes, pine nut and candied orange.
     Damijan podversic nekaj Friuliano NEKAJ
    IGT Venezia Giulia
    100% Friulano
    One of the most typical grape of Friuli, Friulano is a vigorous grape with a characteristic almond note in the finish. But there is much more in this Damijan’s orange wine: scents of freshly cut flowers, mint, tangerine and juicy, succulent peaches.
     damijan podversic Prelit

    IGT Venezia Giulia
    70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
    Damijan’s only red wine. Intensely perfumed the bouquet is wide, from dark ripe and jammy fruits, to balsamic notes, to spicy hints. Its structure is a good balance between the fruit, the acidity and silky tannins.