How do you translate “spargolo” into English? Italian wine term glossary updated

    Today’s update of my Glossary of Italian Wine Terms includes a number of new entries (see below; complete glossary follows).

    As I was working on the update, I spent some extra time on the entry for spargolo (loosely clustered).

    Glera, the main grape used in Prosecco, has loosely clustered bunches. And I noted that in the English Wiki entry for Glera, grappolo spargolo is listed as one of the grape’s synonyms.

    That sounded fishy to me. And after checking with multiple reference works of ampelography, I found no Italian resource that lists grappolo spargolo as an accepted ampelonym.

    Luca Ferraro, my friend and client, who grows Glera for his family’s Bele Casel estate in Asolo, wrote me that Glera is sometimes locally called Prosecco spargolo. But he had never heard the name grappolo spargolo.