Quintodecimo – Very limited quantity from the top Campanian producer


    Every year we receive a precious shipment from Campania.
    It comes from Quintodecimo, one of the top producers of the region.
    It is our only delivery in the whole year.

    Quintodecimo was born from the passion and the extreme wine knowledge of Luigi Moio. Quintodecimo is a family history that takes place in Irpinia, in the interior of Campania, where the landscape is surprisingly mountainous, green, with lakes, woods with chestnut, beech, and oak trees.
    Luigi dedicates utmost attention to every single detail in his estate. The vines look like a garden; the organic viticulture is highly respectful of the soil, microclimate, and plant biodiversity of the area with the primary objective to obtain mature fruit that is perfectly healthy, completely intact and wholesome.

    From the heart of Irpinia, here some #Omnigems in very limited quantities; available now but they won’t last long.

     Quintodecimo Falanghina Via del Campo FALANGHINA VIA DEL CAMPO
    Irpinia Falanghina DOC
    A single cru, partially fermented in oak. It is characterized by a luminous golden color and fragrances of apple, pineapple, herbs and field flowers with refined minerals and salty notes.
    Falanghina is a great crowd pleaser, good for by the glass programs and easy to sell from the shelf of your store.
     Quintodecimo Fiano Exultet EXULTET
    Fiano di Avellino DOCG
    A single cru, partially fermented in oak. It is a bright yellow color with a distinctive bouquet of linden, acacia, and thyme. The name comes from the liturgical parchments from the southern Italian middle ages.
    Fiano is an indigenous grape from Campania that deserves to be known more. Good for by the glass and wine lists.
     Quintodecimo Greco di Tufo Giallo d'Arles
    Greco di Tufo DOCG
    A golden yellow Greco di Tufo, partially fermented in oak and not clarified. It’s a white wine with the structure of a red, powerful and refined, with mineral notes blended with flavors of apricot and quince marmalade.
    This wine is a great conversation starter, especially between people with wine knowledge: his structure is positively surprising.
     Quintodecimo Aglianico Terra d'eclano TERRA D’ECLANO
    Irpinia Aglianico DOC
    An elegant wine with complex aromas of berries, plum, licorice and coffee. Silky tannins, crispy freshness, and beautiful mineral notes mingled with balsamic and spices. Great aging potential.
    We have a little more than a hundred bottles: this wine has an excellent quality/price ratio, it is an interesting choice for your wine list.

    Taurasi Riserva DOCG
    A single cru fo Aglianico from a 1-hectar parcel planted in 2004. The soil is volcanic, well-drained, on a hilly side, and it allows a high availability of oxygen to the roots. The wine is full body, with flavors of cherries, plum, and chocolate which complements with mint, eucalyptus, and incense hints when the wine is aged.
    We are honored to have this wine in our portfolio: only 60 bottles are available.
     Quintodecimo Taurasi

    Taurasi Riserva DOCG
    A cru from a single vineyard planted in 2001 in a soil rich in clay and limestone. Savory tannins are balanced by a delicate bouquet of small fruits, floral notes, and spices. It is a wine of extraordinary longevity; it reaches its peak within the first 20 years.
    It’s a very rare wine; the production is so limited that we receive less than 30 bottles a year: only for very selected accounts.

    Learn more about Luigi Moio, Quintodecimo’s owner and winemaker on this other post.