Ronco del Gelso

    My wines are “secular” in style, far removed from any ideological claims.
    They are mealtime wines, designed to accompany food and good company.
    My wines are defined by my personal winemaking experience, knowledge of
    grape varieties and their behaviour in this region.

    Giorgio Badin started Ronco del Gelso in 1988 and even if the winery is relatively young, he has very clear ideas on the style of his wines. Giorgio comes from a family of farmers who have always worked the land and he knows his terroir very well. The soil in the Isonzo area is poor, stony, dry: it is ideal for viticulture as it limits the vigour of the vines and prevents excessive production.

    Ronco del gelso Soil

    The terroir is splitted in 2 different layers, particularly in the Rive Alte subzone. The characteristics of the subsoil in this area promote the full ripening of the grapes and enhance the flavour of the wines.

    Giorgio chose the grape varietals among the most suitable ones for this soil, in order to valorize their potentials: Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Friulano and Malvasia Istriana, among the white varieties, and Merlot and Cabernet Franc among the reds.

    “I have always sought to enhance the finest characteristics of the grapes that I ferment, using non-invasive vineyard techniques that do not detract from the recognisability of the variety. – he explains – My ideal wine is balanced and elegant, with sufficient concentration that must never be transformed into muscular body for the mere sake of it. It must also be ageworthy”.

    Directly from Isonzo, here the new wines in our portfolio:

     Ronco del Gelso Friulano Toc Bas TOC BAS
    DOC Friuli Isonzo Rive Alte
    100% Friulano
    Not an “ordinary Friulano”, this white wine has firm body, glycerin-rich, characterised by light tannins reminiscent of liquorice, coming from aging in 2500-litre oak barrels for 1 year.
     Ronco del Gelso Sauvignon Sottomonte SOTTOMONTE
    DOC Friuli Isonzo Rive Alte
    100% Sauvignon
    The high acidity and good alcohol content perfectly mingle in the full and balanced body of this wine.
    Aged on the lees in 2,500- litre oval barrels, it is bottled in the autumn following the harvest.
     Ronco del Gelso Latimis LATIMIS
    DOC Friuli Isonzo
    Friulano, Riesling, Pinot Bianco and Traminer Aromatico
    Its personality of this interesting wine is closely associated with the presence of Riesling and Traminer, which give it a highly aromatic German-style character, while Friulano confers vigour and Pinot Bianco delicate ripe fruit.
     Ronco del Gelso Cabernet CABERNET
    DOC Friuli Isonzo
    Cabernet Franc and Carmenere
    A grassy wine without powerful tannins; it is aged on the lees for a year in large barrels to smooth the rough edges of its impetuous nature.