True Wine Connoisseurs

    true wine connoisseurs

    Sadat X and Will Tell share 2 big passions: music and wine.
    The first passion was always there, Sadat X with his rhythm and rhymes and Will Tell producing them. The second one started as a joke and became something as real and successful as their music.
    They called themselves True Wine Connoisseurs, started their own youtube show, learned more and more and now they owned their own Italian wine selection that Omniwines is proudly distributing.

    Stepping back, it all began one night in 2009 when, instead of the usual bottle of Hennessy, Will took a bottle of cheap GatoNegro to the studio and filmed Sadat X making up a commercial about the wine. The result was shared in youtube and it became viral.
    TrueWineShow was born and since then, there has been 5 seasons and many hilarious episodes.
    All the reviewed wines were rigorously under $20 and they were “rated” following the so-called “F— Up Factor.”
    The key for the success of the show is Sadat X talking about wine in a way that’s real, not pretentious so that everybody can relate to it —not just people who are cultured.
    In the meantime, tasting after tasting, Sadat X and Will Tell developed seriously their passion and their knowledge of wine and they also released “Planet of the Grapes,” an album they created while shooting the wine shows.

    Now for the release of their new album Aqua in July 17th, the duo is toasting Italian style!
    “We are excited of our new selection. – explains Will Tell – For me this has also an emotional connection: my mother is Italian and I grew up eating delicious Italian food and learning the Italian traditions”.
    The wines come from the Verona area, in Veneto and they feature typical grapes of the region: garganega and corvina.

    True Wine Connoisseurs

    True Wine Connoisseurs White (100% Garganega) is fresh, fruity with a touch of minerality, crispy acidity and good structure. It is perfect as aperitif and as pairing with appetizers and fish dishes.

    True Wine Connoisseurs Red (100% Corvina) is an explosion of red berries, very smooth to the palate with good acidity and structure.

    The wines are following the TWS philosophy: easy-drinking and really enjoyable, they are perfect for dinners and parties with friends. They can be a good pick for a refreshing summer white or young red for your BBQ.
    And, according to the tradition of the show, they are rigorously under $20!